Who are we? Ace Services has been providing wildlife, bat, bird, and animal removal services to the NW Louisiana parishes of Caddo, Bossier, Desoto, and Claiborne since 1996. Our technicains are all drug screened, background checked, state certified nuisance wildlife control technicians that live and work in the areas they service. They are all full time nuisance wildlife technicians, not part timers that trap on the weekends. Trained and experienced, they can handle anything from the smallest animals and rodents, such as field mice, to  larger animals like beaver and coyote, and from harmless pigeons to venemous rattlesnakes. In addition to removing the offending animals, our technicains are trained in exclusion techniques to keep the problem from recurring by sealing up and repairing how they were getting into your home or business. 
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1) AN EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE OFFICE AND FIELD STAFF. Our personnel have been trapping and handling animal wildlife in the NW Louisiana area a long time(some for decades), and as employees of Ace some since 1996! This means that they probably have seen situations exactly like yours and can resolve it quickly and efficiently.
2) OUR STATE LICENSED NUISANCE WILDIFE CONTROL TECHNICIANS ARE ALSO STATE LICENSED PEST CONTROL TECHNICIANS and in those situations where a combination of non-chemical and chemical techniques have to be employed; such as treating your lawn for grubs to keep new armadillos and moles away, using methyl anthranillate during bird management programs, and using traps and rodenticides for trap shy rats and mice, we are licensed to do it. Other wildife removal companies outsource any chemical applications or rodenticide placements needed to a pest control company, because they are not licensed to apply them, we dont have to, fully licensed, we do it all, "in house", visit us at  http://www.nothingbeatsanace.com for our insect and termite pest control services.
3) WE USE ONLY SUPERIOR QUALITY PROFESSIONAL GRADE LURES, TRAPS, AND SUPPLIES, we dont use "homemades". Ace uses traps and equipment from quality suppliers such as http://WWW.RPOUTDOORS.COM
4) WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE OR NATIONWIDE REFERRAL SERVICE, we are locally owned and operated, so we dont have to pad our fees, which means less cost for you.
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